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Webinar Host Tevis Verrett & Morgan Anderson

Tevis Verrett is an accomplished speaker, lecturer and scholar. 

He approaches the subject matter with a humanity centered warmth, caring and humor.  Translating complicated financial concepts into layman’s language.

Tevis will leave with actionable information to profit and protect your wealth. Tevis is a commercial banker by trade and CEO of Triumvirate Group, Inc., The trading desk of TGI handles non performing notes in tranches from $1MM to $10MM. Managing Senior Partner of Triumvirate Funding with a fund portfolio of $10MM, and the Note Emperor of the Note Empire.

Join us for our complimentary Introduction to the ’Business Commercial Lines of Credit for Us.’ We have all been hurt in the Housing Crisis.  We will share financial literacy, financial freedom and the secret to Credit Wealth! as Tevis says, ". . .come get you some!"

The webinars and workshops are complimentary, and reservations are required.  See you soon on the webinar!

We Make Financial Literacy Sexy!

Most Startup Businesses FAIL because of Under Capitalization.

. . . do you have the skill set to succeed and prosper in this changing economic landscape?

How would your life change with the guidance to navigate the structural, financial, strategic minefields?

How to Acquire Business Funding for your Startup Company!

The tools to ensure financial stability.

Why the odds are stacked against you!


Come learn the power of  "Other People's Money" and Credit Stability!

See you Soon in the Webinar!


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